Peptide Synthesis (McGill U. / Lady Davis Institute / Jewish General Hospital)

Mots clés: Chimie peptidique, modifications de peptides.

Keywords: Peptide chemistry, Peptide modifications.


Peptides are synthesized by the solid-phase method using Fmoc chemistry on an Omega 348 multiple peptide synthesizer from Advanced ChemTech. Synthesis is carried out at 50 µmole or 100 µmole scales. The Peptide Synthesis Laboratory provides a complete spectrum of services that include preparation of the peptide-resin, cleavage, peptide modifications such as cyclization, biotinylation, N-acetylation, C-amidation, etc. To ensure the highest quality of synthetic product, an analytical-scale high pressure liquid chromatogram (HPLC) is provided with every peptide. The core lab will also provide MALDI-TOF or electro-spray mass-spectra.

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