Peptide Chemistry Platform (Université de Sherbrooke)

Mots clés: Synthèse de peptide, modification de peptide, fluorophore, phosphorylation, amidation, acétylation, pont disulfure, acides aminés.

Keywords: Peptide synthesis, Peptide modification, Fluophore, Phosphorylation, Amidation, Acetylation, Disulfide bridges, Unusual amino acids.


Our unique synthesis platform allows us to synthesize peptides quickly and with an exceptional degree of purity using solid phase, liquid phase, tBoc and at most Fmoc chemistry. In the platform laboratory most of organic synthesis related to peptide chemistry can be performed, including N-terminal acetylation / C-terminal amidation, Fluorophore labeling, Disulfide bridges, Phosphorylation and the incorporation of methyl amino acids, MAPs, D-amino acid peptides, and other unusual amino acids.

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Witold Neugebauer

Université de Sherbrooke, Département de pharmacologie