Custom Chemical Synthesis Platform (UQAM)

Mots clés: Chimie médicinale, chimie organique, synthèse de produits naturels, purification, hydrates de carbone, peptide, optimisation de molécules, chimie combinatoire.

Keywords: Medicinal chemistry, Organic chemistry, Natural product synthesis, Purification, Carbohydrate, Peptide, Lead optimization, Combinatorial chemistry.


The medicinal chemists of the RQRM are experts in diversified subdisciplines of organic chemistry which cover: catalysis, asymmetric and natural product synthesis and isolation, organometallic methodologies, vaccine compositions, carbohydrate, peptide, and heterocyclic chemistry. Analogs, pro-drugs, lead discovery and lead optimization, combinatorial as well as parallel synthesis constitute some of the expertise available within the plateform. Various chemical libraries are available. Preparative HPLC facilities are also accessible.

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