Cell Imaging and Analysis Network (McGill U. / Life Sciences Complex)

Mots clés: Imagerie cellulaire, microscopie confocale, microscopie fluorescente, criblage à haut débit, protéomique, expression protéique, purification d'anticorps, qPCR.

Keywords: Cell imaging, Confocal microscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, High throughput screening (HTS), Proteomics, Protein expression, Antibody purification, qPCR.


  1. Cell Imaging (laser scanning- and spinning disk confocal microscopy and widefield fluorescence microscopy).
  2. Automation-High throughput screening (pinning robot, liquid handler, and core robotic system) - access to the yeast deletion and the yeast GFP collections for microscopy and robotics screens.
  3. Proteomics (2-D and differential gel electrophoresis and fluorescent protein analyzes).
  4. Protein Expression and Antibody Production.
  5. Data storage/analysis (104-CPU cluster, 96-TB server, workstations).
  6. Genomics (real-time PCR) - plasmid miniprep, genomic DNA prep, SGA screens.
  7. Access to analysis software (DeCyder, Volocity, Openlab, Imaris, Image Quant, Metamorph) and workstations.

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