Transgenic Core Facility (McGill U. / Life Sciences Complex)

Mots clés: Transgénique, modèles souris, Knockout/Knockin, reproduction assistée, cryopréservation d'embryons et de sperme.

Keywords: Transgenic, Mouse model, Knockout/Knockin, Assisted reproduction, Cryopresevation of embryos and sperm.


The facility is housed in a new, state of the art barrier facility at the GCRC. We have 5 microinjection stations, 2 animal rooms, a surgery room and cryopreservation room. The facility is staffed by personnel with over 10 years experience in the TG field and provides services that include: knockout/knockin mouse production, transgenic mouse production, embryo rederivation, transgenic and knockout/in mouse breeding services, assisted reproduction, cryopreservation of mouse embryos and/or sperm.

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