The Weekend to End Breast Cancer Cell Imaging Facility (McGill U. / Lady Davis Institute / Jewish General Hospital)

Mots clés: Tri cellulaire par cytofluorométrie, cytométrie de flux, microscopie confocale, imagerie de cellules vivantes, mouvement de cellules.

Keywords: Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS), Flow cytometry, Confocal microscopy, Live cell imaging, Cell movement.


The Facility provides expertise in confocal, live cell, FRAP and fluorescent microscopy to researchers from academia and industry. Imaging technologies include:

  • Wave FX Spinning Disc Confocal - Laser-based system using an optimized Nipkow Spinning disc technology capable of acquiring confocal images at video rates.
  • Mosaic FRAP Unit - Precise illumination and abaltion of multiple regions of interest for measurement of molecular movements in cells.
  • Volocity Imaging Software - High performance imaging software for 3D-4D acquisition, quantitation, visualization and restoration.

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