Breast Cancer Functional Genomics Group (McGill U. / Life Sciences Complex)

Mots clés: Banque de tissus, cancer du sein, micro-environnement tumoral, microdissection laser, bioinformatique.

Keywords: Tissue bank, Breast cancer, Tumor microenvironment, Laser microdissection, Bioinformatics.


The Breast Cancer Functional Genomics Group (BCFGG), under the direction of Dr. Morag Park, conducts tissue and blood banking from breast cancer cases treated at the MUHC, as well as follow-up and sample processing, analysis and discovery validation. Technical expertise includes laser capture microdissection (LCM) on the Arcturus platform (2 systems - Pixcell lle and XT) for human and animal model-derived tissues, as well as microarray-based gene expression and miRNA profiling on the agilent platform. The BCFGG works closely with bioinformatics and clinical (surgery, pathology and medical oncology) personnel for sample and data analysis.

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