Small Animal Research - Surgery Core (McGill U. / Lady Davis Institute / Jewish General Hospital)

Mots clés: Chirurgie, souris, rat, ovariectomie, prélèvement de tissus, prise de sang, perfusion, implantation, néphrectomie, castration, splenectomie, infarctus du myocarde.

Keywords: Surgery, Mouse, Rat, Ovariectomy, Tissue harvest, Blood collection, Perfusion, Implantation Nephrectomy, Castration, Splenectomy, Myocardial infarction.


The Surgery Core Services are fully equipped to perform simple survival surgeries on mice and rats. Surgeries routinely performed include: ovariectomy, castration, splenectomy, myocardial infarction, renal ischemia reperfusion nephrectomy, 5/6 nephrectomy, jugular catheterization, minipump implantation and removal, tumor implantation and removal, matrigel implantation and removal, blood collection, tissue harvest, perfusion fixation.

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