Small Animal Research - Rodent Phenotyping (McGill U. / Lady Davis Institute / Jewish General Hospital)

Mots clés: Cardiaque, vasculaire, modèle de souris, angiogénèse, électrocardiogramme (ECG), cardiovasculaire.

Keywords: Cardiac, Vascular, Mouse model, Angiogenesis, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Cardiovascular.


The Facility offers a range of imaging services including measurements of cardiac function and remodeling, vascular remodeling, quantitation of angiogenesis and tumor metastases, and high frequency ultrasound imaging. We offer also the acquisition of surface electrocardiogram (ECG) and the determination of the PR, QRS and QT segment interval duration in mice, the determination of blood pressure of small rodents with the tensiometer system and by telemetry. We are currently developing the expertise to determine invasively the cardiac function and ventricular distensibility using the EMKA system and pressure-volume microcatheters.

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