RNomics Platform (qPCR and ASPCR) (Université de Sherbrooke)

Mots clés: qPCR, épissage de l'ARN, expression génétique, micro-ARN, longueur des télomères, typage bactérien.

Keywords: qPCR, RNA splicing, Gene expression, miRNA, Telomere length, Bacterial strain typing.


The platform operates on automated computational and experimental platform for large-scale PCR-based investigations. Primary applications are for comparative gene expression studies using SYBR green and dual fluorescent probe based qPCR, and the annotation and analysis of alternative splicing using endpoint PCR coupled with microcapillary electrophoresis (ASPCR). Popular applications include: microarray and RNA-Seq validation, gene expression analysis, alternative splicing annotation, gene feature, function, and pathway identification, custom PCR assays, bacterial strain typing, human DNA quantification, miRNA expression quantification, telomere length.

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