Integrated Platform in Synthetic Lethality (McGill U. / Life Sciences Complex)

Mots clés: Criblage siRNA, criblage shRNA, thérapeutique en oncologie, mécanisme d'action, validation des cibles thérapeutiques.

Keywords: siRNA screening, shRNA screening, Oncology therapeutics, Mechanism of action, Target validation.


The platform, directed by Gordon Shore, is using genome wide siRNA librairies and focused, shRNA librairies to conduct synthetic lethal screens. The aim of the platform is to discover and validate novel personalized therapeutic strategies for the treatment of diseases and to identify novel biomarkers for stratifying patients that will respond to specific targeted therapies. The platform includes all aspects of therapeutic strategy discovery including assay development, high throughput screening, in vitro and in vivo target validation in relevant pre-clinical models and currently involves collaborations with 10 Goodman Cancer Centre scientists and clinical scientists in neighboring hospitals.

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