Inflammation, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Core (MCc) (U. Laval / CHUQ)

Mots clés: Inflammation, métabolisme, maladies cardiovasculaires, diabète, modèles souris, obésité.

Keywords: Inflammation, Metabolism,  Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Hyperinsulinaemic-euglycaemic clamp mouse models, Obesity.


The platform has several rat and mouse models of obesity, artherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease as well as several in vitro models including cell lines and primary explant tissue of muscle, adipocyte and hepatocyte tissue. The platform offers a range of assays including cytokine, adipokine, hormone and incretin quantitation, NO, ROS and RNS production, adipose tissue lipolysis and glucose metabolism, in vivo insulin sensitivity, glucose and insulin tolerance tests, glucose uptake and metabolism, key metabolic muscle and liver enzyme activities, metabolic cages, measurement of lean tissue, fat and fluids in vivo by NMR.

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